Childhood cancer fundraising

by Ioana Malusanu for Imagine for Margo


About my fundraiser

Enfants Sans Cancer 2014,

Childhood cancer - let's fight against it!
I came back to this team as I really think we can do it together!!!

And I also have a personal reason to continue this fight : Margo's message daily influences my life!
She learns me to have courage and Go follow my dreams! To Fight with difficulties and tough moments! She encourages me to be a life Winner!
Thank you, Margo!

Worldwide, it is estimated that childhood cancer has an incidence of more than 175,000 per year, and a mortality rate of approximately 96,000 per year.

It is the reason why I decided to support Imagine for Margo ( ), association that fights against this horrible disease of children!

You can also help! Make a donation right now to Imagine for Margo or just promote my initiative! Together we can be stronger in this fight!

The donations are managed through Alvarum.
It is very easy and 100% securised.

Thank you,
Ioana Malusanu

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Imagine for Margo
L'association "Imagine for Margo" mène des actions de sensibilisation et de collecte de fonds afin d'aider la recherche européenne sur des traitements spécifiques, innovants et plus efficaces pour les enfants atteints de cancer. Elle apporte du soutien aux familles concernées et contribue au bien être des enfants hospitalisés.