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by Luiza Mandoiu for Imagine for Margo


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Enfants Sans Cancer 2014,

Dear friend,

Here I am ready to GO, FIGHT and WIN AGAIN!!
Because I believe every child has the right to live a happy childhood!!! And YOU and I, WE can do this possible TOGETHER!!!

Did you know that cancer is a major cause of child death, it is the first cause of death by disease and the second cause of death after accidents ? 

Every year in France, 2,000 children are diagnosed and 500 children die of cancer.

One child in 440 is diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15 and the number of childhood cancer increased by 1 to 2% per year in Europe for 30 years.
Please find more information to:

Actually, Imagine for Margo is raising funds for the clinical trial BIOMEDE which deals with invasive tumors of the brain stem and is a more aggressive tumor, affecting mainly children and adolescents. No therapeutic progress has been made on this tumor in the last 30 years.

The test will start in mid-2014. Dr. Grill, principal investigator of the project, speak about it :

How you can help? You can make a donation to IMAGINE for Margo or promote my initiative! The donations are managed through Alvarum.
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Thanks for your support!
Luiza Mandoiu

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L'association Imagine for Margo - reconnue d'intérêt général - mobilise les acteurs de la recherche et collecte des dons afin d'accélérer la recherche européenne contre le cancer des enfants. L'association mène également des actions pour sensibiliser à la cause et améliorer le bien-être des enfants malades.