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Enfants Sans Cancer 2014,

Dear all,
As some of you know I am deeply involved since now a few years in children with cancer. Every year, we organize and run a race to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.  It will happen for the 3rd time on September 28th 2014, in Paris.
Some of you might wonder why I am involved, why kids' cancer…  Cancer is the number 1 cause of child death after accident. 1 out of 440 children is diagnosed of cancer before the age of 15. But it is quite unknown, because it is a taboo. You cannot associate child and cancer words in the same sentence. Until it gets close to you. And then you realize that no only it is a terrible well spread disease, but that specific research is quasi inexistant…because it doesn’t interest laboratories (ROI not good enough). Only 1-2% of cancer research funds go to pediatric cancer.
This is why I am relentlessly working for this cause, so we can one day see the same progress for kids cancer than for adults. And together with the charity we have created we raising funds to find specific and innovative treatments for children cancer through a european network of first class cancer research centers (ITCC).
This year we will run and raise for Diffuse Infiltrating Pontine Glioma, one of the child cancer with the bleakest prognosis. No progress has been made since the last 30 years. No children has been ever cured. But today researchers have some hope to have found some new markers. You can hear Dr J Grill, who will be the main clinical investigator of this trial here.
I am dedicating this year race and fund raised to my dear Margo, for which the charity was created, to the 6 courageous little warriors I had the privilege to accompany during a emotionally intense week-end in the south of France, and in particular to the luminous Juliette who has left us in July, and of course to little Tommy.
To help you can do many things :
- Come to run with me on september 28th
- Participate to my fundraising effort and give on this page
- Spread the word around you so the awareness of this disease increases.
- Do all the 3 above !
To have a feel at the incredible atmosphere you can experience on the 28 september  click here
I am counting on you. The children are counting on you,
Thanks in advance for your generosity.

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